Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Look who's TWO!

I cannot believe I have a two year old. He's becoming such a sweet boy. And adorable, to boot!

The night before his party (and I use that term loosely) we had a power outage that ended up leaving us without electricity - for five days. We busted out some awesome gifts from his grandparents that we enjoyed in the heat.

Since we were going to lose all our food anyway, we went ahead and fired up the grill and hung out in the heat. We got him a new climber, since he could spend all day outside and needed a bigger slide.

 A few of his best friends came to enjoy the morning and helped him break in his new wheels.

 And, of course, the kid ate his weight in cupcakes.

Because we had to clean out the fridge because of the power outage (and also because his grandparents were in town) we had a week-long binge of cupcakes and donuts. The kid had a sugar crash from a week of birthday treats. It was pretty serious. But how can you deny a little face like this?

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