Thursday, September 1, 2011

Embroidered Burp Clothes tutorial

It's that time of year: Baby showers and Christmas gifts. This is a quick and classy way to jazz up those everyday burp clothes. Here's what I did:
Pick some adorable fabrics that you think the gift receiver will enjoy. I made these for a lady in my husband's shop who did her daughter's nursery in very bright colors.

Take the edges and pin them, ironing the seams to make them easier to sew.
Lay them on top of the burp cloth, right down the middle. I used Gerber prefolds, which aren't absorbent enough to use as cloth diapers but work great to wiping up all those other baby messes. Pin them down and you're ready to sew.
Choose a zigzag stitch and make sure that your needle and stitch goes through the fabric and over the seam into the burp cloth.
I attached my quilting foot and embroidery attachment and added the Baby Girl's initials to some of the clothes. If you don't have an embroidery attachment, you can choose your button hole stitch and you can free hand it. It won't be as neat as a machine embroider (unless you have a steady hand, and I do not) but it still adds a very personal touch.
This is the finished product! You can make as many or few as you want. I added a little ribbon to the bundle and you're ready to give a personalized gift.

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